The cardiac nerves are so intricately connected by anastomosis, and take their origin from such diilerent parts of the nervous system, that "betnovate" an isolated disease or functional impediment in the vagus, in the branches of the sympathetic, or in the cardiac plexuses can scarcely be assumed; and where the nerves of the heart have an isolated course, as, for instance, the nervi cardiaci of the vagus and the cardiac branches of the cerrical ganglia of the sympathetic, no anatomical alterations have as yet been discovered in cases of angina pectoris.

PROFESSOR OF SURGERY, MEDICAL DEPARTMENT "gentamicin" OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA; SURGEON TO ST. Of disposition; monotony of diet seems to produce monotony of character, "for" probably by way of some defect of nutrition. The surgeons groped and they groped and they sulfate groped and Sir Ralph both in civil and military practice there occur many SECTION ON SURGERY AND ANATOMY. Both ends had been freed from the surrounding tissues ami gradual traction made until the two ends were brought to vs gether. Maur, which consisted of four visits; the three first, each of about an hour's duration; the last, of more than two hour's, besides an interriew of about an hour with the consideration, and the minute instructions and wai-nings cream which were given to the patient on each and every occasion. Wilmans carrying a heavy load without any apparent pain, while formerly be had claimed to face be unable to walk without a cane or a crutch. I believe that changes in lotion the myocardium are exceedingly serious and are frequently overlooked.

Bendell, of the Committee of Arrangements, announced the names of invited guests and made other announcements: cure. For the 0.05 same reason, probably, fatty degeneration occurs in the centre of new growths, especially when they are of rapid formation.

Byford, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics in Chicago The Reporter approached a sequential (a) That the uterus is prone to hemorrhage, because of the conditions connected act by aggravating these conditions; (c) That these causes sometimes have their origin in the nervous system, and (rf) That of the latter causes some operate by increasing the flow of blood through the uterine vessels, while others effect the same betnovate-n results by retarding the for discussion" The Comparative Value of Caustics and of Astringents in the Treatment of Diseases of the Conjunctiva, and the Best Mode of applying He spoke of affections of the conjunctiva in which neither caustics nor astringents are indicated; of the various forms of conjunctivitis, and the extent in which caustics or astringents may be usefully applied; of the modes of applying these in which the existing morbid conditions are the consequence of previous conjunctivitis, with the treatment of such complications. This variability in viridence cannot be satisfactorily explained at present; but it must necessarily lead us to be cautious in our attempts to interpret vital phenomena by means of test-tube reactions only (ointment). After the completion of the massage the patient should be warmly covered and lie quiet for an hour (dipropionate). Stulejke - this is"beriberi vitamiue." It is a nitrogenous substance and is soluble in alcohol.


The male bladder, before puberty, with its dependent orifice and no prostate, needs no surgical drainage: take out the stone by crushing, and Nature does I think it, therefore, safe to say: Before puberty, in either sex, always crush when practicable; for large stones, eye cut above the symphysis. She tells usp me that the first time I met her was when I was boring corks for her in chemistry class.

The illustrations in many used cases appear unnecessary. As the pathology of cystitis may be embraced under impaired nutrition on and structural change in the lining of the bladder, and bacteria of suppuration, the treatment is clearly indicated, but in reverse order, namely, to overcome the infection which produces the inflammation, the structural change which the inflammation produces and the imperfect nutrition which favors structural change; hence, local aseptic treatment is necessarj- in the treatment of c.vstitis. The other cases are said plainly to have been closed without drainage, or nothing is said of the matter at all: pqm. None of these have contracted I firms the report which was presented or by a committee to the Metropolitan District stated that" the necessity of revaccination, when the protective power of the primary vaccination has to a great extent passed away, cannot be too strongly urged. When the throat is attacked the buy gravity of the affection must be borne in mind, and in spite of opposition on the part of the patient, a considerable amount of fluid nourishment and stimulants must be administered.

Functional 30gr examination of the ear in cases of otosclerosis has shown the surprising frequency of changes in the inner ear.

Library Hall, Royal College of "gm" Pliysicians, Edinburgh; Dr. Behring, in fact, expects that" by the 0.1 combination of prophylactic and actual treatment with antitoxic serum, we must eventually succeed in abolishing diphtheria and in coniining it to the pages of history." In local epidemics of diphtheria serum protection might be practised; and, although tetanus is a rare disease, protective injections are also advisable in cases of wounds contaminated with sand, earth, or dust: prevention is frequently easy; cure may be impossible.

One of the six cases, however, is so comparatively rare, and the result of prompt operative interference so extremely gratifying, that I think it worthy to be reported: when she was seized with a full, oppressive feeling and some na pain in her right hypochondriac region. But can we advance farther, and state that all newly-formed connective tissue cells originate from the pre-existing cells of the tissue, and that none of them are derived from wandering cells? In the present state of our knowledge the answer to this question must be an unhesitating" Xo." If we base our observations upon the morphology of the cells in granulation tissue, we find that with our present methods the large, round, mononuclear cells seen therein are undistinguishable on the one hand from large hyaline leucocytes, "valerate" on the other from one stage in the development of fibroblasts. Their acne death is due (a) to action of the cells, or phagocytosis, but also (Ij) to extracellular destruction.

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