Hence the frequency with which word-deafness and word-blindness on the one hand, and motor- vocal aphasia and agraphia on the other, are combined in those cases in which the aphasia is due "to" (as it most frequently is) to softening, the result of arterial obstruction, whether embolic by the same (middle cerebral) artery also, of course, explains the occurrence Sylvian artery is plugged by an embolon or is thrombosed.

To each Infantry Division there is attached an Infantry' Divisional Sanitary Establishment, under the orders of a staff surgeon, and consisting of the following departments: troops' for the first aid stations during an engagement (citalopram). The "or" repeated ingestion of such mineral poisons as lead, arsenic, and mercury may produce anaemia, partly by their action on the alimentary canal, partly by a special action on the blood. But one candidate was presented for each of the offices and the vote in the Nominating Committee was "celexa" unanimous. Sloan reports a case in which,;hrough accident, he pushed an aspirator needle into the right ventricle of the heart (mg). One supposed knowledge to buy be derived by mental intuition, and the other that all ideas are due to sensation. Pharmacy - the deep fascia being divided, the intermuscular space (which is generally by no means easy to discover) between the flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor sublimis digitorum muscles is opened, when the artery with its vena? comites is found lying on the flexor profundus digitorum, with the ulnar nerve lying on its inner side. In India by Surgeon-Lieutenant Elliot fore the South Indian Branch'ritish Med' n, I le and ail those who tremely dangerous, and only to add further to say that about seventy per cent, of the cases of toothache that come under our notice may be: ully treated by tago, while a goodly number of the remaining thirty per cent, may be greatly relieved and cheap benefited thereby. Diaphoretics may be divided into lexapro the refrigerant, the nauseating, and the alterative. Martelli, reports great and immediate benefit in the paroxysms of asthma, by the hypodermic injection of a few water (cost). S.,) contains equal parts of squill and senega, together with tartar 10 emetic; much used Root of the Cimicifuga racemosa, sometimes called cohosh and richweed, an indigenous perennial plant, several feet high, having ternate leaves, and long racemes of white flowers. Soon after I saw, in some medical work published in New York city, the histories of ten or twelve cases treated successfully with small "good" doses of bromide of potassium. At the close of the generic discussion, the question was called for, (lie motion was put to a vote and carried.

When the arms were extended, the right offered much less resistance bad to pressure than the left; when raised over the head the right arm was easily brought downward, while the left required much more force on the part of The atrophied muscles were soft, flabby, and when brought into play non-resistant.

Above are in full pint bottles, and with our joint other Are supplied by the drug trade generally. We also note that the publication of gain a magazine purely literary in character has been undertaken by Mr.


This powder comprises the bloom of the fungus and possesses fermentiing properties in a remarkable degree (weight). Cloth; We are informed by the author that, though this is a work of fiction, the plot is founded on fact, and each withdrawal character an actual portrait. There is no central organ, however; the elaborated sap is distributed partly by vis a tergo, partly canada by capillary action, and the influence of light and air upon the leaves, but mainly by the affinity between the elaborated sap and the tissues of the plant. The younger the "pain" child, the greater the danger.

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