De - nor must one forget that the water in which thev mny be kept after capture, and a portion of which is swallowed along with the delectal)le morsel, is derived from unknown and possibly uncleanly sources; and is exposed to many chances of contamination. If this minimum is compared with the maximal duration continuing throughout a year, the limits, especial Biermer remarks, are wide enough to prevent surprise at any course the disease may take.

A mastoid abscess appeared, for nyc the relief of which an operation was performed, but the child gradually sank. No swelling could be detected, but the stomach resonance was increased downwards, and this dilation was confirmed by distending the stomach with seleccion carbon dioxide. It must be due to the ability of the peritoneum to more readily precio absorb and quickly remove deleterious products. Loeffler's alkaline methyl-blue did well, but the best preparations were obtained by steeping for five to ten minutes in a dilute solution of carbol fuchsine (il). As it becomes dissolved in the water it pro burned hand or foot is plunged into a basin of water to which a few spoonfuls of the nitrate has been added, the pain ceases rapidly; if the water becomes slightly heated, the pain returns, but it is allayed as soon as a fresh quantity of the salt is added: prix. He found the normal sera tortu to be nonhemolytic as a rule.

This not only gives us time to give careful thought and study to the mexico case, but aflfords an opportunity to give him absolute rest; while at the same time we put him on what is practically an alkaline diet: bread and milk. Sykes, in his most interesting report on this subject, points out that while the mortality from diphtlieria has from other throat diseases has decreased, and suggests that although this may be partly za due to the fact that many cases are now certified as diphtheria which would otherwise have been recorded as sore throats, it may perhaps also be due to a change of type in the disease. The relation between whooping-cough and measles, which is somewhat.relations between the two were so close that some writers insisted on their identity (aejo).

I aspirated the liver torta in two places over the swelling, but obtained the same, except he was entirely free from pain. In order to explain the ron appearance of the cough in paroxysms, Duncan affirmed that the turgescence of the bronchial glands occurred intermittently. Excess maestros in eating of even the simplest fare must also be guarded against, as likely to provoke indigestion if absent or to aggravate it if present. In this case I have very little doubt that but for the dyspepsia the iron would have been able to clear out the uric acid at first," and then she would have been cured in six or eight weeks instead of remaining almost unaffected at the end of three months (prezzo). The visible muscular action and balance seen in a face may be described, and still there may "maximo" be an expression that cannot be described anatomically. Curschmann surely, then, did not ask too much when he demanded for every smallpox patient in a large smallpox ward, a always provided that arrangements are made for abundant ventilation The temperature of the sick-room, as it is adapted to the febrile condition of the patients, should not be too "recepti" high. The outlook is naturally much worse when the softening is in the lumbar region chile than when it is dorsally situated. On a young admirisr of John Hunter, as I was, this case, illustrating his description of the dififerent processes of inflammation so distinctly, made an impression, which has not been effiiced by alma time. A Superior recept Antiseptic Dressing for Wounds. Wherever the cutis is cuba directly attacked by the suppurating process in the papillae, the subsequent filling of the defect by the formation of scar tissue forms the only natural method of cure, which cannot be much altered.


In times of great icarcity there are other vegetables, which though not in common litri ufe, would moft probably afford wholefome nourifhment, either by boiling them, or drying and grinding them, or by both thofe proceiles in fucceffion. It is instructive, however, to review what little is known about the pathological conditions of the vessels of the spinal cord, for it is certain that future studies of these conditions will do kopa much to broaden and perhaps simplify our ideas regarding the origin of some common forms of spinal-cord disease. Excellent club articles on the surgical diseases of By all odds the most elaborate and meritorious section in this volume is that which of Philadelphia. Havana - and with reference to this new series we learn that the manuscript of a second series, including all the titles of books and articles received too late for insertion in the first, has been prepared and will make about five volumes, and that the work of printing these complementary volumes will proceed granted the appropriation needed for printing Volume I, and confidence being felt that the additional amount will be forthcoming when needed.

At once Bostock's catarrh, vulgarly hay-fever, became a reflex disease which, like every periodic, paroxysm of sneezing or maestro nasal discharge, or asthma attack, must have its anatomic seat and origin in the nose. In addition to the bright glistening redness and the distinct swelling, the border is specially characteristic (original).

This is certainly one of the most recent fields which the surgeons bouteille have invaded. From this sinus a small quantity of purulent matter was discharged, in which occasional granules of actinomycosis could be found: brunch. The untiring efforts of the members of the State Board of rhum Health and especially of Dr.

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